May 1st Deadline


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Apr 8, 2007
I'm a senior this year, having applied to both West Point and USNA. I was accepted to USMA a few months ago, however I have not heard anything from Navy for a few months ago (since recieving nominations/academic qualified). Navy is my first choice, with WP being a close second, however by May 1st I have to give WP a decision, my worry being that I may not know of my USNA status when I am forced to make that decision.

The point of this question is, can you turn down an appt you have accepted (in my case to WP), if you hear AFTER May 1st that you were accepted to another (USNA).

Thanks, either way I can't wait!
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It's still early April...If you haven't heard anything in a couple months, you'll definitely hear what your status is by mid-month.

When it gets to April 25th or so...then you can start worrying.
you should definitely check with USMA, but you can with CGA. (im in a similar position)
Wait as long as you possibly can. I was in a similar situtation myself, and kept waiting on USNA until the last minute. West Point admissions was emailing/calling me for an answer and I was actually about to send in the acceptance card the next day when I received the call from my Congresswoman's office that I was accepted.
We're in the same situation - appointment to one Service Academy, and just got notified that we're on the Wait List for another. Obviously May 1 is looming for the one Appointment - can you accept and then later rescind it if the preferred appointment comes thru later in May or June?