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    To whom it may concern:

    I'm the OP on the Facebook Horror thread.

    Yikes -- I did hope it would not be discussed, only "bumped" because I was afraid of the flames. I did request no discussion in the OP.

    Anyhow, at this point the thread is closed.

    I've been praying about the requests through PMs for more information. I have not responded to any of those. I finally talked it through with my husband tonight. He said, "It is still out there." So, I guess that means if anyone wants to find it, they can. However, I will not disclose the name of the cadet to anyone.

    My original intent was two fold:
    (1) to make the point that what is thrown out there on Facebook (or anywhere on the web) goes places you cannot forsee,

    (2) to make the poitn that what is posted, rightly or wrongly, reflects on your organization (in this case the USCGA) if your organization is noted on your account

    Like it or not, the actions of one or a few, can make a lasting and harmful, or enduring and beneficial, impression. I'd like for everyone to have and hold a favorable impression on the USCGA; and therefore, I chose to open that thread to share my experience.

    Pride goeth before a fall... now I'm sure to find out that there is something I've said or done recently that reflects poorly on my family or associations. Always seems to happen that way.

    Blessings to all,
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    Totally understandable. I, like many others, had no idea what the original topic was about, except that it apparently was horrible and offended you. I'm not sure what "bumping" would have accomplished, and with the wording, people wanted more (who can look away from crash, some people pull over to help).

    With that in mind, I thought in some way you wanted some kind of action (what other reason to post it). I have no reason to "hunt down" this information. If it did not rise to the level of action then it won't be acted on.

    I post on here as a CGA grad, first and foremost. I'm here to talk about my experiences at the Coast Guard Academy, and in some ways life after. I can talk about things I've learned, some lessons I've taken away from short comings, and situations to avoid. That being said, I am also an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. While my participation on here is completely unofficial, if I believe some action should be taken, then I will take it. This is repeated through out the Coast Guard. Classmates got ice cream 4/c year and were not wearing their uniform (against the Reg.s), and officer recognized them and notified CGA officials and my classmates were held accountable for their actions. Based on your words, I believed that something very inappropriate had happened, and that it was SO inappropriate that you didn't want to repeat it. Not too long ago a member of the Coast Guard posted something on FaceBook that was not "professional". The video was taken on a ship. The Coast Guard District that member worked for was notified. The video was taken down. Do I know what happened to the member? No. That is up to his command, however the problem was corrected and the video was removed.

    It's been said before on this website, and it can bare to be repeated. I agree, what you say on the web is "out there" and if identified with your organization, can cause problems. While you may delete the message, it does not mean it's gone.

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