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    There is constant wondering and discussion about standardized SAT/ACT scores and scoring. The wondering and worrying might well be valid, for while there are other variables in the admissions algorithm, these, especially the math tend to be particularly important.

    And we often hear that magic number as 600. Let's look at these from a bit different POV that might help potential candidates.

    First, while the normal cut-off score for consideration is 600, the Admissions Committee will consider math and verbal scores as low as 570. Below that score requires the Supe, AD, or other high-ranking official intervention for a candidate. This rule-of-thumb applies only to non-priority targets.

    That noted, the MEAN math SAT score for DIRECTLY admitted (not NAPS nor Foundation) caucasian candidates over the past 5 admission seasons is 686 with little variation among the years is 686 and verbal 665. AA's M-630 V598 Hispanic M-656 V-636 These may be more valuable for candidates' assessing their own performance relative to their peers. Scores range from 410 to 800 in M and 440 to 800 in V.

    While of lesser value with NAPS being "involuntary" of sorts in candidates inability to apply, those respective mean scores over the past 5 years are caucasian M-593 V-570; AA M-543 V535; Hispanic M-580 V-569. Scores range from 410 to 800 in M and 370 to 800 in V.

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