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    Hey everyone,

    After a long debate, I accepted my appointment. I waited to decide until almost May 1, but now I am extremely excited!

    I have a question...I know in the cadet handbook it says that cell phone use is almost non existent during swab summer, BUT what about the rest of the year/the remaining years?

    Also, the hb says that instant messaging and facebook are prohibited, does anyone have information on that, because I have heard otherwise?

    Lastly, what about "g chat" the gmail messaging service that is tied right in with your account. Its not like AIM software or anything. Just curious, and the girlfriend sorta wants to know too. Thanks!
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    US (snail) Mail for all communications during the 7 weeks of Swab Summer training. No txt, email or IM.

    However - You will get to use your cell phone at the Mystic Flag Ceremony and during your transportation to and from the Eagle, as well as during any liberty time while on Eagle. After which it will be again confiscated by the cadre until you receive your 4/c shoulder boards, around August 18.

    After you get it back you can use it at will, but there will be a few regulations about where, when, and how it can be used.

    No facebook/myspace until carry-on is granted, usually around early May.

    "g chat" messaging is an instant messaging service. What do you think?

    Congratulations on accepting the appointment. Good luck and have some fun in the next 3 weeks.


    PS - what did you turn down in order to accept at USCGA?
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    I was wondering all the same questions. Thanks for the help!!

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