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    Hey guys, recently accepted my appointment to USAFA and was running through the appointee kit as fast as possible. I went down to the Brooks Brothers store to get my measurements and for some reason I believe the guy may have made a mistake on my waist. I wear a 34 waist on my pants and thats what he measured so it sounded correct, but the more I look into it, the more I feel as if it is wrong according to the standards. Is there anyway I could contact someone about changing the measurements. I just don't want to be wearing pants that can't fit around my waist. Pretty embarrassing question to ask haha.
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    I am not speaking from specific knowledge, only what I have heard and read in a couple of places, but the Academy requests all these measurements mostly to ensure they have ordered enough clothes, shoes, boots, etc. in the range of sizes needed for all the incoming appointees, not necessarily to hand you the exact size as you walk through the clothing issue line. For many items, such as boots, you will be given time to actually try them on to ensure proper fit.

    I would not worry to much about the waist measurement being off an inch or two. Also, chances are by the time you complete BCT, your measurements will be different again.

    I'm hoping a current cadet can chime in with more first hand knowledge on this subject.
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    My DD is currently home & she said that you get measured again once you're there. Also, you will have the opportunity (and encouragement) to get your uniforms tailored.
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    You put down your size on the forms you submit, but once you get to I-Day, they'll COMPLETELY remeasure you and give you whatever clothing you need. The people who issue you the clothing won't even see those forms you submitted. The sizes that you tell USAFA are just so that USAFA has a rough idea of how much of what size to order.

    So when you go through the ABU line, they measure your chest, shoulders, waist, etc, and issue you ABUs based on the measurements they just took.

    When you go to the shoe warehouse, you'll tell the person working there what size you think you are, and they'll bring you back a pair of shoes to try on. Try them on and MAKE SURE THEY FIT PERFECTLY. If they don't fit, ask for another size. We were issued one pair on I-Day, and we went back to the shoe warehouse to get another pair right before heading out to Jack's Valley. The one's I got on I-Day didn't fit me the best, so I asked for and got another size the second time going back.
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