Medical disqualification 155.70

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    Nov 18, 2008
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    Let me just start off by saying I have searched and read previous posts about this code but I would like some expert opinion about my own case, particularly from Mr. Mullen.

    I took my DODMBER physical 2 weeks ago. I have been DQed for 155.70 (myopia greater than -8.00 in spherical equivalent)
    This is the only disqualification displayed. Does that mean that is the only medical problem I have?

    I went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago. She said my spherical equivalent is -8.5 and -9.25 (I think, I don't have the prescription with me) I have astigmatism -1.75 and -1.25 respectively.

    I have recieved LOAs to West Point and USAFA (hopefully from USNA soon too). I am also applying to AROTC, AFROTC, and NROTC. I know with my eyes, the navy probably isn't going to take me. I would like to know how likely a waiver is to come from any of these programs.

    A little about me: 34 ACT, 3.966 GPA, Commander AFJROTC unit, Varsity Wrestler, and lots of other extracurriculars.

    I was wondering what my chances looked like. I sincerely want to attend USMA and would happily attend any of the other 5 programs if USMA won't give me a waiver.
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    Pls cut and past this post; send me an email; provide me your full name and last 4 of SSN and I can provide you a more accurate answer tomorrow:thumb: