Medical Doctor

What is the process for becoming a Navy physician? What tier and what major?

Do some searching on the Naval Academy forum - there have been many threads over the past few years.

Generally speaking, the Naval Academy and NROTC are designed to produce Navy warfare officers and Marine officers. USNA allows a handful to go to med school; search website. You will have to research NROTC for current policy.

The Navy gets the majority of its doctors through direct commissioning. That means civilian college, civilian medical school, then a commission as a Navy officer in the Medical Corps. Some scholarships are available. Research HPSP for Navy:

A variation on the above is attending USUHS medical school after civilian college. Research USUHS:

That should get you started.
Army ROTC graduates can apply for an educational delay to attend medical school. The numbers are small. If you have questions about USU, you can write to me. It is quad service (Army, Navy, Air Force, and USPHS) Students get paid as 2LTs or ENS while in school and the school does not requirement payment (in this regard it is similar to a service academy.) Look for an article to be released soon (one of the co-authors will be Kellerman) that discusses the financial benefits in the long term of a USU education; however, do not become a military physician for the 'free' education--the Nation definitely receives 'payment in full' from the military docs.