Medical Help


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Jan 29, 2017
I took my medicals in Janurary, and I just was notified that I need a remedial, with the application deadline coming up I am concerned if this will affect my application. I haven't been notified what kind of remedial is needed, but if my medical isn't in before the application deadline does that mean my application is incomplete and that I won't be considered for admission into the Naval Academy? Thanks for your help.
Same question ^ but I heard no because the medical part isn't due until march.
I believe the medical exam is allowed to be submitted after the January 31 application deadline.
You have completed the exam. The remedial will not be held against you per se, but if resolving the remedial takes too long you may simply run out of time

Last year a candidate wasn't cleared medically until pretty late in the process and is a Plebe now - I actually know of 2 - one a regular poster last year on this board

Normally, a remedial is just additional paperwork required - get the information and submit it asap. Very common for people to get a remedial for a previous surgery, concussion or broken bone - not sure your situation but normally a note from the attending that all is good with no limitations is what they want to see