Medical leave


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Apr 13, 2007
Any other parents out there who have a cadet home on medical leave to return with the class of 2012?
Any with prior experience of this? I just want some information as to what happens this year.
Thanks for any help.
Oh no. I am sorry to hear about your daughter. :frown:
I hope she has a speedy recovery.
I don't really know what kids do who get sent home on medical leave.
Is there a local college or university she can enroll and take some classes?

I hope she doesn't give up on West Point - I, for one, am rootin' for her! :thumb:
What I've heard are some options after getting completely healthy:

1) volunteer work
2) part-time or full-time classes at community college
3) include any necessary physical therapy - then physical training to get ready for the next R-Day
4) helping out the coaches at her high school - this will keep her active with her own sports
5) somehow try to get in touch with Few and Proud, who needed surgery after about a week of Beast. He'll be back next year, also.

And best of luck. I hope she's all better very fast.
My cadet is in college now. I am wondering what happens with WP. I know the cadets on medical leave do not have to go thru the application process but what information do we need to be aware of for the next class? We have the medical side covered, I am just curious if there is something special we need to watch for being on this side of the coin instead of the prospective cadet side.
I'd try or to get a more official answer. And I'd keep in touch with Admissions. Perhaps talk to your MALO from this year?

Great question and I'm certainly looking forward to hearing the correct and official answer.
Yes, I agree those are good places to check. Also, I assume in the time your son/daughter spent at their hospital, they would have been given information about what/how to reapply for next year (or at least should have asked).

Important to remember that if they have some kind of serious injury that won't heal, they may have to pursue their dream someplace else, since the Academies are very physically demanding, even for those in top-notch health.
Call the Admissions Dept. They were most likely not at the hospital and no one at the hospital understands admissions. There is probably someone in the Admissions Dept that handles med leave cadets and can tell you exactly what you need to know.