Medical Qualification Deadline?

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    Since West Point no longer does rolling admissions, will they hold out on appointing someone to fill a congressional slot until the medical deadline date? For example, let's say a candidate receives a congressional nomination in a district that submits an unranked slate of candidates. If you have the highest WCS of the 10 nominees, but you are not yet medically qualified, will they wait until you are medically cleared to offer you the appointment, or will they go to the #2 candidate to offer the appointment when the nominations are released to the academy? Will they wait until a specific deadline date before offering it to #2? If so, what is that deadline? I had heard either March 15th or April 15th. Other than the uber-high candidates who may get an LOA with the contingency of receiving a nomination and being medically qualified, do other files get reviewed awaiting medical qualifications now, or do they wait until a certain date later and start reviewing them?

    I read a very detailed post from 2010 regarding this process, but it seems as though much about it had changed since they did away with rolling admissions.
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    From what I seen, yes and no. First, LOAs are given out so there is a pseudo rolling admissions. Second, I am pretty sure that candidates in each Congressional district are ranked order. This ranking gets adjusted as things change. So West Point has an idea who might be the Congressional vacancy winner. Lastly, unless a candidate is an exception, regular DoDMERB exam should be completed and any waiver request submitted yo be proceed. I ALOs think that the language on the application deadline is ambiguous enough that it could include medical qualification. The bottom line is that usually there are enough qualified candidates, West Point does not have hold a slot for someone to be medically qualified. And West Point doesn't have to disclose anything.

    Files can be reviewed without medical qualification.

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