Medical Qualifications


Dec 21, 2017
Hi everyone! I was wondering if anybidy could give me any insight on wether or not having sugery could disqualify me. I currently have a 7in plate and 7 screws in my shin from a sugery in 2014. Will this disqualify me from the USMA or USAFA? Im a freshman in highschool and want to get an early start any tips? Thank you!
Jenna -- I am NOT a doctor

Above is a link to the document DoDMERB will use to determine if you are "Q" or "DQ". If "DQ" you would need a medical waiver

Page 34 seems to indicate you would be probably be OK:

"e. Fractures

(1) Current malunion or non-union of any fracture (733.8) (except asymptomatic ulnar styloid process fracture).

(2) Current retained hardware (including plates, pins, rods, wires, or screws) used for fixation that is symptomatic or interferes with proper wearing of equipment or military uniform. Retained hardware is not disqualifying if fractures are healed, ligaments are stable, and there is no pain."

But DoDMERB (the military medical exam guys ) will have to take a lot. It will depend on the details of your case.

Best wishes and thanks for being willing to serve.