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    My candidate was medically qualified in the fall but recently sustained a minor concussion and is planning to fully disclose this as soon as complete info is available: had a normal CT scan in ER the day of and normal follow up neurological exam 48 hours later. dr recommended a gradual return to sports beginning as soon as headache was gone, and this is proceeding. Last remaining step is to re-take concussion test given at school to compare to the baseline taken in the fall before beginning of sports season, but I understand they recommend waiting a few weeks post injury so this is not complete yet.

    Is this a sound plan?

    question--is it better for us to gather records from medical providers and school and proactively send in all this information or just notify of the injury and wait for navy to request specifics. maybe they will want to contact providers directly? and do we send info to admissions, dodmerb or both? or get advice from BGO first?
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    IMO, it is better to be proactive and at least gather all of the data that would probably be required for a remedial, to avoid any unnecessary time delays for returning to medically qualified status. However, it sounds wise to wait long enough that the follow-up testing is completely normal. Best wishes to you and your candidate.

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