Medical waiver question for cadet already participating in AROTC

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    I posted this on the DoDMERB forum as well, but thought I would post it here as well to see if anyone might have navigated through this problem before....

    DS was evaluated for delayed puberty and short stature while a sophomore, and was treated by an endocrinologist for that as a junior and senior in high school. The treatment included about 9 months of prescribed HGH shots. He participated in varsity soccer, and a club sport while senior and he is quite physically active. His treatment ended in late September of his senior year, and he has been off the medication for 12 months. He has a clean bill of health from his family doctor and his endocrinologist and they cleared him to participate in AROTC in college.

    He has been working with his AROTC unit in college for a few weeks now, and he is thriving. He had an good APFT score this summer, and he improved his score by 50 points earlier this month. He believes he had the 2nd or 3rd best score of 25 freshmen. My question is what needs to be done to obtain a medical waiver so he can contract and start to receive his scholarship benefits. He has a 3 yr AD scholarship, and the school will waive his tuition during the first year once he is eligible to contract. My understanding is that the only thing in his way is the medical waiver. DS sent his medical records and some supporting letters from soccer coach, etc. in May, but has not heard anything about the waiver.

    I thought I read something on this forum about the process for a medical waiver for cadets that had been injured or diagnosed with a condition AFTER they contracted, and that the battalion should make the request for the waiver. My understanding is that CC automatically considers a waiver for AROTC scholarship winners, 4 yr or 3yr, because they are not part of a battalion. DS is now part of a battalion, and my question is does his battalion need to send in a "Request for Cadet Action" Form 131-R for CC to consider whether to grant a medical waiver? His DoDMERB portal used to show that they received material DS sent in early May, but that entry was removed in August. That makes me wonder whether CC simply "took him out of the line" since he was going to be part of a battalion that fall.

    Any insight would be welcome.

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