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    I'm not asking this in the DoDMERB section because Larry Mullen can't really tell me my chances, but just what I need to be doing. I've been in contact with him already, and he's been very helpful.

    My condition i need to waived is a history of asthma past age 13, and I do not have asthma anymore, and that's confirmed on my last medical physical from a year ago.

    I have not shown any asthma symptoms since I was maybe 12, but I've still had precautionary meds past that date, up until I was 15 years old. I looked at the only 2 physicals I had past age 13, and they both said "No Shortness of Breath with exercise" and "Lungs: No wheezes, crackles; good air movement.". And on my last physical from a year ago, there were no mentions of asthma and no prescriptions for it. My doctor is also writing a letter explaining how my childhood asthma has regressed and died out over the years.

    I'm also going to write a letter to USMA waiver authorities explaining my condition. I think I am going to include that I have grown up and worked on a farm, and have been subjected to a lot dust, hay pollen, and chemicals and have been asymptomatic for some time now.

    Sorry for the long description, but can you all tell me your opinions about what my chances are?

    As of now, USMA and USAFA requested remedials through dodmerb, requesting that I provide all medical records from age 10-present.
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    You need to answer the remedials quickly. Also, West Point usually wants a file to be complete before deciding whether to begin the waiver process. Please read that last line again, as it is important to finish your file quickly. It can take 30 to 90 days or more for the waiver process to be complete so finishing your file now is very important. West Point wants the file to be complete in order to ensure that the candidate has a shot at admissions before using valuable physician time to investigate a waiver request.
    Good luck with the process.
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    Opinions on this subject are worthless, as no one can really can tell you anything of worth or with any certainty.

    The fact is that West Point is going to review your file and make a judgment call. A major factor will likely be the strength of your file overall. Don't let that stop you from trying. However, you should certainly have a solid backup. The odds are not in your favor, especially in years of heavy interest.

    Best of luck.

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