Medical Waiver


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Jul 15, 2008
ok. i wasn't quite sure where to post this so i put it in this forum as well as the USMA one.

alright. here's my timeline:
July 23- Disqualified for asthma
July 8- Received letter from USMA admissions saying a waiver had been requested

in this letter it said i could expect something within 90 days. is it seriously going to take that long? anything else i could do to hurry the process along? i've read on here where people have had medical histories/letters sent in to further explain their condition. any recommendations?
The letter you are probably referring to is from the Admissions office at West Point. They, on behalf of the Superintendent, render medical waiver decisions with input from the West Point Surgeon and the Admissions Committee. I "suspect" (you'd have to ask Admissions to be certain) that the medcial decision is only one element of your waiver decision.

That said, until I know who you are and what your specific case is about, I can't adequately advise you. I submit you send me an email with your full name and Last 4 of your SSN and I can better assist you:thumb:
what exactly do you mean by "the medical decision is only one element of your waiver decision"?
I have been in contact with etaylor2013 by both phone and email today; we have received guidance from her Regional Admission Commander. @ West Point, the Command Surgeon "only recommends" a medical waiver decision. The Admissions Committee has the final decision authority for the Superintendent:thumb: