Medical Waiver


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Sep 19, 2008
My son received an LOA. Four days later he found out that he had been medically disqualified for two reasons: one for wearing orthotics (diagnosis hallux limitus) and the other for immune therapy for allergies to dust and dust mites. He was asked to provide additional information to the DoD by way of an administrative remedial. They asked only for the records concerning the orthotics. In addition he was asked to provide a list of activities from the past year. The list was extensive: varsity soccer, varsity wrestling, soccer referree, daily workouts, referree clinics, etc. In no way has the diagnosis affected his ability to perform any of these activities. The orthotics were prescribed strictly for preventive measures. I have contacted the foot doctor making him aware of the disqualification and have asked for a letter in case it is needed by West Point. As for the allergy shots, it is probable that because of them he is no longer allergic. An appointment has been made with the allergist to retest for this. The allergy was never severe, just bothersome. My question is a medical waiver possible or should I redirect his attention to other colleges? With an ACT score of 33 (34 in math) he has a strong chance of going wherever he wants. Your advise is appreciated.

he should be fine. I had a very similar problem this year a well concerning orthotics. I was disqualified at first but then give the OK
Your best bet is to wait for Mr. Mullen's reply to your post over on the DODMERB forum. Good luck to your son!