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    I intentionally posted this here instead of on DoDMERB since this gets the most traffic. I will also post on DoDMERB since it is FYI only. Now that most if not all of the scholarships have been awarded or the awardees notified I wanted to post this. For those of us awaiting medical waivers I wanted to put some perspective on the process.

    “Right now they are willing to waive medical conditions (for those) capable for serving but who don’t meet the standard,” said Col. Kevin Smith, Cadet Command Surgeon at USACC, who receives with Butler 35 to 40 waiver requests per day.

    Col. Smith said there may be a point in the future when the Army is full to the point that the service may be even more selective with its personnel. This could equate to no longer accepting waivers for disqualifications. However, for the time being, waivers are being processed for disqualifications not affecting a cadet’s ability to serve

    This is a great article on the process.

    Best of luck to us all

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