Medical Waivers


Dec 10, 2018
Hello everyone and thank you for all the great information on this site.

My son is applying to USNA, has his nomination and is now going through DoDMERB.

I am a little concerned about this based on the following:

  1. He is allergic to Penicillin, but otherwise has no allergies or takes any medications and has never had any surgery for anything else.
  2. He is a runner and has had stress fractures due to excessive running (50-60 miles/ week). He now wears orthotics in his shoes and is injury free and running again.
It is my understanding that you only get 1 waiver. Does he have 2 "waiverable conditions"...The allergy and the orthotics?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Can’t comment definitively on either one, but for what it’s worth, know that stress fractures and shin splints are a fairly coomon ailment during plebe summer. A lot of plebes, despite good preparation, still find that the running ramps up too much, too fast. So not unusual at all for mids to be fitted with orthotics, not just in running shoes but for everyday shoes as well. USNA is quite good at making sure their feet and legs can withstand the daily toll.
I was able to provide enough information to prove the penicillin-allergic reaction was not severe just have your allergist or whichever doctor diagnosed him fax the information that his condition is not severe and that he has or has not had a minor allergic reaction with the medicine. As for the stress fractures I'm not sure but keep in touch with your doctors! Good luck to you and your DS!
OP question is really an issue of semantics. DODMERB's role is to evaluate candidates to determine whether they meet the established criteria. If a candidate does not satisfy the criteria, each Service Academy evaluates whether to "waive" the deficienc(ies). Really doesn't matter if its one or multiple deficiencies...they are either waived or not. (I have never heard of USNA sending any notice that you are "waived" for one condition, but not for another..).
From what i read, being allergic to Penicillin is not an issue. It isnt considered an allergy. There are plenty of people who dont do well with different types of medications. As long as its documented, it shouldnt be a problem