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    Earlier this year I completed the forms on Dodmets and took my medical examination as it was offered to me by the Merchant Marine Academy. I figured that this would carry onto my application to USMA but my application overview is stating that i need to schedule an appointment. Does the medical examination not carry over from school to school? Do they not have access to it because I took it earlier in the year? Has anyone run into a similar situation?
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    It went over for me, as I applied to both USMA and USNA. However, I had to "resubmit" the virtual paperwork online. What I would suggest is to contact your USMA FFO and see what he/she has to say in the matter. But I believe you might have to redo the exam because different academies have different medical requirements (ex. A friend of mine is qualified for USAFA, but not USMA)

    Hope this helped!
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    What specifically does your application say? It may be that West Point did not request your medical exam because 1) you are not competitive (WCS, nomination, etc), 2) you haven't completed enough to have West Point request your medical, 3) West Point recently requested it and the system is in the process of getting your status (scheduler forwarded to DoDMERB), 4) there is some sort of IT glitch that is not updating USMA's system, or 5) you gave different social security numbers on each application and therefore DoDMERB treats west point's request as a new candidate.
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    I don't have an answer/suggestion for you but in DS case DoDMERB was the same for USNA and USMMA - both are listed as agencies with no extra paperwork required.

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