Memorial Day

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    I know it is early but I decided to post now.
    Pretty much every year I come to this site and post about Memorial Day I appreciate the interest of the young men and women who are eager to pursue a career serving their Country as Officers. I also appreciate the men and women who post and provide good counsel to them.

    I hope all of you young men and women take time this month and particularly on Memorial Day, to reflect upon the path that you may walk. It is a solemn
    responsibility. As many of the advisers on this page will tell you in spite of the
    ups and downs of a military career SERVING will be something you will always remember with pride.

    The way we serve is a direct reflection upon ourselves, the way we serve
    is also a responsibility, a solemn obligation to our honored fallen. So as you
    prepare yourselves to enter these institutions remember your obligations.

    OH stranger, go tell America that here we lie obedient to her orders

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