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    A few years back while enlisting in the Air Force I was disqualified at MEPS for having compression in more than one spinal vertebrae, in accordance with DODI 6130.03. Specifically, approximately 30% in my T12 and 30% in my L1 whereas the threshold is 25%.

    That being said, I sought a second opinion from a civilian orthopedist who had deemed my spine to be healthy with no abnormalities. This evaluation was sent to the office of the Air Force Surgeon General and I was given a waiver to continue processing. Since then, I have enjoyed my time in the Air Force and am considering different options in order to commission.

    One possibility is that I would separate after my contract is up and join an AFROTC program in whatever college/university at which I would end up. I am concerned, however, that the aforementioned vertebral compression issue would present itself again at DoDMERB and ruin a chance at what I believe is one of the best sources of commissioning (ROTC).

    Would I be DQ'd at DoDMERB for the same issue at MEPS? Would the waiver I was given while enlisting play a role, if any? Does one undergo full-body x-rays while performing a DoDMERB physical? I ask because the compression in my discs is neither symptomatic nor congenital, so perhaps I could take measures to resolve the issue.

    Anyway, I would appreciate any insight. I simply want to know what roadblocks I can expect to encounter.
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    It's a different process, having gone through both myself doing exactly what your planning on doing I'd say it's not going to be a problem (Dodmerb is way less than meps). The waiver process will most likely be the same and since you already got a waiver it -should- not even come up as a flag, this is going off what you said that it isn't an issue at all. To answer your question I don't recall any X-rays for dodmerb, it was like a yearly checkup with your local doc, anything hurt? Nope? Stand up, breath, touch toes/stretch or whatever, look at Med history, and good to go. Also the obvious hearing ,vision and urinalysis.

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