MES and MESM Majors

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    USMMA publishes graduation data for these majors, but does not do the same for the other majors. Does this imply these majors have a high "drop" rate or is there another reason? Just curious about why only these two majors have graduation data published.

    I am taking DS to the Open House on April 21st so he can finalize his decision.
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    What are MES and MESM?
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    Marine Engineering Systems and Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management.
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    The Open House was a great way for my DS (2020) to meet future classmates. She ended up spending the day with 6 girls and then roomed with one during Indoc, which was a huge relief for her. Two of those six have since left, but the other four are still there. As a grad of USNA and dad of DS 2020 at USMMA, I can't say enough great things about Kings Point.
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    USMMA Graduates receive:

    • Bachelor of Science Degree
    • U.S. Coast Guard License as Merchant Marine Officer
    • Commission as Ensign in the U. S. Naval Reserve
    • or
    • Active Duty in any of the Military Services
      (Kings Point is the only Federal Service Academy that allows our students to do this)
    Department of Engineering
    Three Undergraduate Programs
    • Marine Engineering (ME) – focuses on propulsion plant engineering and shipboard engineering operations
    • Marine Engineering Systems (MES) – focuses the design of shipboard systems and machinery
    • Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management (MESM) – focuses on the management of shipyards and the production and repair of marine vehicles.
    Department of Marine Transportation
    Two Undergraduate Programs
    • Marine Transportation -- Combines nautical science and maritime business management
    • Maritime Logistics and Security -- Combines nautical science and the knowledge and skills required to manage complex intermodal supply chains and to assist in addressing the security challenges facing the marine transportation system
    Rigorous, Demanding, Comprehensive, Stimulating
    Program Elements
    Tri-semester System: Average of 170 Semester Credits
    • Sea Year Training (360 Sea Days): 4 years of College in 3
    • The World is our Campus: solid academic education and Cultural Education
    • Internship Program (2 and 6 week internships)
    • Accreditation
    • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
    • Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)
    • The fact is the combination of this demanding academic curriculum and the Academy’s rigorous regimental and athletic program creates successful graduates.
    • President and CEOs of major Maritime Companies—Chief Engineers, Masters of Vessels, Plant Managers and Admirals
    • If you apply yourself, you will succeed!!!!!
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    Its accurate, but not necessarily the most precise to think of the Marine Engineering Systems as a distinct major since it is basically just using your electives for more engineering classes. They all start as straight Engine, aka "sweathog", and join the Systems track 2/C year. Some/many revert back to straight engine and graduate on time with their class. Its too easy for graduation data for systems majors to be skewed and present an inaccurate picture because of this.