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    Before I start, I want to thank everyone who keeps this forum working, it has helped me through my whole process and even though I was rejected from USNA, I am really excited to be going to USMA.
    I have noticed that most friends from the summer seminars that I attended at Navy and Air Force have for the most part got into at least one academy. If they choose that the academy is where they want to go they at least got one appointment. Some of my friends also learn from summer seminar that it isn't where they want to go and don't apply.
    What I am really trying to express is that if you know that you want to go to an Academy, apply for all of them. My number one was navy and I didn't get in but I did get an appointment to USAFA and USMA. Most friends that wanted navy also didn't get it but they applied to others and got in.
    Also from summer seminar, soak in as much info as you can about the academy and make sure that is where you want to go and spend the next years of your life at.
    If you don't get selected for summer seminar, don't be discouraged. I have many friends that didn't get in to summer seminar and are there now.
    Take this info and keep it in the back of your mind throughout this summer and your senior year of high school. Good luck to you all!
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    Excellent insight
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    If people are reading this for insights into the application process

    1. If you didn't see a doctor and the doctor didn't diagnose 'it' - it didn't happen and 'it' doesn't belong on the DoDMERB form

    2. If the doctor said 'it could be....' That is not a diagnosis that it was

    3. DoDMERB seems to be the big dream killer for those that are highly qualified read the DoDMERB posts on remedials and DQs for which there was no actual medical diagnosis

    4. Be independent and fill out everything on your own but seek your parents insight

    Yes they want and expect you to be honest but be realistic as well - your trainer is not a doctor and is not keeping 'medical' records

    If your knee hurts after running 25 miles that should not be reported as chronic knee pain.
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    That is one way to look at it, but I will give you another. Determine the military branch you want to serve in. Then apply to that SA, that ROTC program, and civilian schools that have that ROTC program.

    You should decide what is more important to you. Is it to graduate from any service academy or to be an officer in a specific branch. Pick the one that is right for you.
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    I will add onto Cerebi's post..........

    5) DO NOT use this forum as your personal online help desk for obvious questions. Take some initiative to look up really basic questions like 'how do I apply for a NOM?', etc. BEFORE starting a post here.

    6) DO NOT ask us what are your 'chances', but read the 100's of prior threads on this subject if you really want that type of input.

    7) Try to post only what is factual when advising others. If really feel compelled to speculate/guess..........then say so when posting.

    8) The SAME questions get asked every year on here. Take some initiative to do a search and you will quickly find the answers to the most commonly asked questions are already here.
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    Personally, my outlook was more like that described by 5day.

    My plan was originally to apply to all of the academies, but when the time came, I decided that my interest in the Naval Academy has more to do with the Navy than to do with the fact that it was an academy. I ended up applying to Annapolis as well as a selection of plan B schools for NROTC. Both of these paths lead to a commission as a Naval Officer.....this was just my outlook.
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