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    Could someone please tell me about the eyeglass form that needs to be submitted before I-Day? I want to make sure that I get a timely appt. with eye doctor so that the form can be submitted on time. Son hardly ever uses eye glasses (only contacts) , so he would need a new exam for an eye glass prescription. I'm not sure if they can convert the prescription from contacts to glasses. Thanks for any info.
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    It will probably be Mid-May vice Mid-April

    Just returned from a CVW visit and want to pass along the following regarding the Mid-April Permit to Report package that was mentioned in the Appointment offer.

    A previous conversation with the Admissions Office had indicated that the date had slid to Mid-May.

    During the course of the Parent Q&A period, the question was asked again and it was confirmed that in all likelihood, prospective Mids will not, repeat not, receive the Permit to Report package until Mid-May.

    Hopefully this will avoid any anxiety if the packages have not arrived as expected in Mid-April.

    As an aside, the Faculty and Staff did a superb job as did all the volunteer participants, e.g. current Mids and parents of Mids. Bravo Zulu!

    My son came away from the experience more convinced than ever that he had made the right decision.

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