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    where do you find a military dr or a veteran who practices?
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    AD docs see those who are authorized to see them. I think there are circumstances where they are permitted to moonlight at a civilian job.

    If you’re looking for those have served, many sites online list physician educational histories. Look for USUHS medical school or military hospitals for residencies. Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, etc. You can google lists, suggest using “Medical Center.”

    Just because a doctor has worn the uniform, does not mean he or she is conversant or current with accession standards, waiver policies or SA/ROTC process. I assume that’s why you are asking.
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    You will find military physicians in... wait for it... military hospitals. There are many civilian physicians working in military hospitals also.

    As for physicians who used to practice in the military (ie. veterans), you will find a large concentration of them in cities/towns near military hospitals. The largest concentration will be around the medical centers like Portsmouth, San Diego (some have called it "Balboa"), San Antonio, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Wright-Patterson AFB, etc...

    It makes sense because military physicians tend to stay as a civilian in the area (some for a few years but some forever) in which they left the military. During their time in the military, they may have established relationship with outside practices so they join them out of familiarity with the group. Some physicians moonlight in ERs or urgent care centers as a civilian, so when they leave the military they just transition quickly to those same jobs but for 40-60 hours/week instead of the up to 16 hours/week allowed for moonlighting.

    There isn't a database out there that I know of that lists physicians who are veterans. Some just advertise on their website.

    Another potential source is the FAA medical examiners website. Many are prior service USAF or USN physicians, but certainly not a majority. It really would be hit or miss using that database as a source looking for veteran physicians.
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