Military intelligence


Apr 22, 2016
I thought I had heard that you cannot branch directly in to military intelligence. Is that correct? Also if your goal is military intelligence does it matter what your major is? (DS is majoring in engineering- probably biomedical or environmental). Thanks!
You can branch directly in to MI in the Army. Cannot speak for other services.
For AROTC you can branch MI regardless of your major. However, anywhere from 55- 70% of all of those selected for MI get branch detailed their first few years. That means the LT years will be spent in IN, FA, AR or CM before transitioning to MI
Sorry but not familiar with all the branch abbreviations. Can you explain please? Thanks again
Military Intelligence requires fewer lieutenants; the branch has an inverted pyramid (needs fewer LTs and more CPTs/MAJs etc).

So, they branch detail lieutenants for their first few years into IN (Infantry), AR (Armor), FA (Field Artillery). After leading platoons in those branches - the lieutenant transitions to MI.

If you want to branch MI directly - compete to put yourself at or near the top of your peer group.
AV= Aviation
IN= Infantry
AR= Armor
MS=Medical Service
MI= Military Intelligence
EN= Engineer
MP=Military Police
FI= Finance
FA= Field Artillery
SC=Signal Corps
AD= Air Defense
AG=Adjutant General
QM= Quarter Master
OD= Ordnance
TC= Transportation
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