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    How are midshipman at the academy viewed in the eyes of the military after they swear in to the the MMR/USNR? Reservists? Active duty (like the other academies)? Other? Anyone know?

    I ask because when I leave I will have to resign my membership with an organization I'm actively involved in. If I ever wanted to return I would have to re-apply for membership. However our bylaws provide a provision for military leave which reads :

    "All members in good standing, who entered in an active status, any
    recognized branch of the Armed Forces, on or after January 1,
    1960, on being honorably discharged shall upon his/her return to
    an active status with this organization within the year in
    which he/she was discharged from the military service"

    It would be nice if I qualified, thought I don't think I will.

    Also, when are the logging in books showing up!? The link on the bottom of changed from 2014 to 2015 earlier this month, but still nothing. The excitement is killing me!:yllol:

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    Unfortunately, MMR/USNR does not put you on "active status." However, if your graduate and receive an active duty commission, then you will qualify.

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