Minimum Weight and Contracting


Oct 8, 2015
I received a 4 year AROTC scholarship and am medically qualified. However, I do not meet the minimum weight for my height. Im about 5'8" and weigh 117. I dont have any ailments but being skinny runs in my family. Will this affect me contracting this fall?
Yes. You must pass the PFT, weight included. My DS had same issue. His Master Sergeant had him eating a lot of cheeseburgers, ordered him to eat double meals, and told other cadets that they needed to always see my DS with food in his hands! DS passed, but then grew in height. Had to keep eating.
2 peanutbutter sandwiches with a big glass of whole milk before bed.
+ 2lbs per week.
Be sure to keep working out so it doesn't become bad weight.
My cadet came home from spring semester about a pound shy of minimum ( he has tall & skinny syndrome ). We have him drinking a 1,200 calorie protein shake each day on top of his meals. Although now is he at Ft Knox on the 30 day MRE diet so we may have to pump more into him in the two weeks he is home before reporting back to school. He has always been at the top of the height scale and the bottom of the weight scale no matter how much food we put in him.