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    I've been on their website, I know. Aha if someone else refers me to the website again I will explode. I want to go to a military school. I'm a Junior in high school and i wanted to apply to west point but I think I ruined my chances because disaster struck freshman and sophomore year.(Both parents hospitalized and I had to work and all that irrelevant stuff) This year I'm doing phenomenal though. So I heard about MMI and although I may not be able to go to west point is MMI an option? or is it just a prep school? Do you have to get a nomination for this school? How much is tuition? Army branch btw. . . :) Sisters in the army.
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    MMI is a public two year college in Marion, Alabama. While the school does not do commissioning, it does have several programs that lead to commissions, including Army ROTC, Marine Corps PLC, and is a prep school for all the service academies. You do not need a nomination to attend, but you do have admissions standards that you have to make. In short, though, if you successfully complete a college prep program in high school, you'll be eligible to attend MMI.

    My advice is to continue through your applications to West Point. If you aren't directly appointed, you may be selected by the Association of Graduates for a scholarship for a prep year. You can also attend MMI (or any other college) and reapply to WP.

    You have a lot of questions, and their best answered by giving our admissions office a call. You can contact MMI at 1-800-MMI-1842 (664-1842) and you can also request mailers by going to

    Good luck to you!
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    MMI is great prep option, but for the sake of consistency, I would suggest the Citadel or Norwich if you are looking for a 4 year degree and do not plan on reapplying to West Point. However, don't get too down on yourself yet, either- you could still have a chance on making it in to USMA itself if you can give a good explanation of your situation.
    Also, one of the benefits of MMI is the ECP program. You may want to look into it and see if it is something you are interested in. If you want to know anything else about Marion, feel free to PM me. Best of luck!

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