Modify college list


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Aug 6, 2017
When I began my AFROTC application, I had listed all of the colleges I was planning on attending. However, I have now applied to schools that I didn't put on my list. Is there a way I can modify this list? I can't find it on the portal anywhere.
It is there on the portal on the To Do checklist. Look for "Update/Rank School Preferences".
I didn't know there was a rank list for AFROTC. I thought a scholarship was good at any participating school, whether host or crosstown.
It is. The scholarship is independent of the school. I think they ask just to estimate staffing needs.
You cannot go back and change those three rankings. But, it's irrelevant to the amount of different schools you end up applying to. It's just an initial "gage" they see during the app process.