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Apr 15, 2016
I am a C/O 2021 appointee and will be reporting for IDay June 29.

I went to the doctor regarding a sore on my throat and found out that I have mono. No fever or any other symptoms other than the sore throat.

I have not been pulled from any activities and am actually attending senior trip this weekend because my doctor said that symptoms have passed.

I have heard mono can stay in your system for months, even with no symptoms.

What happens when I arrive at I-Day? Will they test? Even if I have no symptoms, am I sent home? Looking for any honest advice or insight... very nervous
What does your PTR say in the Health Status section? You may have to provide documentation of the diagnosis, as well as the follow-up from the doctor that it is resolved. Fastest way to set your mind at ease is to consult primary sources, see what you are directed to do and ask questions of those sources. These things happen.
Mono is very common in your age group. I would think it is something USNA deals with frequently.
I don't think you need to report mono, but don't take my word for it. DoDMERB requires that you notify them of any change in medical status. Call your tech at DoDMERB and ask them if you need to report Mono. Also, let them know that it has resolved.
+1 - I checked into NAPS about 2-3 weeks after Mono diagnosis. I seem to recall a Plebe Summer company mate checking in a week or so late due to mono, but can't confirm. I am sure USNA has dealt with this issue. CAPT MJ's answer is on target the PTR , disclose what you have to , and don't overthink it.