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    This is my first time to AFA, thus these questions --

    For A-day Parade, which entrance do we use? Can someone provide a detailed direction when inside AFA (where to park etc)? What do we need to pass the security gate?

    Thank you!
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    A Day

    Not sure about gate, but I know our civilian friends have been coming in the North Gate each day to watch the Noon Meal Formation.
    - Northgate Blvd (West) to Parade Loop (left) to Field House Dr (right)...park in one of the two lots (East) by the Field House. From there, you can walk south towards the Parade grounds or take the shuttle
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    North Gate would be the easier gate to enter from. All you need is a driver's license to pass security. Park at the field house, then the parade field is only about a quarter mile away.

    Schedule is:
    0835 - First Call
    0845 - Assembly
    0900 - March-on
    1100-1300 - 4*s will be released to visit with family/guests and may eat lunch anywhere on base.
    1400 - 4*s have a briefing
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    You will not have to worry about where to park. There will be plenty of signs, cones and guards directing traffic. Have your cell phone with you -- so that you and your basic can connect (most, if not all basics, will be given their phones so that they can connect with their parents at A Day). Know what squadron your cadet is in (academic year squadron). The suqadrons line up left to right (as you look at the field) (#1 and 2 on the far left of the field, #39 and 40 on the far right -- as you look at the field from the bleachers)

    You will have time to run on the field after the parade and find your cadet. It seems over whelming at this point but it will work out and you will find your cadet. If you need a back up, say that you will meet on the steps of the fied house -- you will find each other.
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    And don't wear nice shoes. The field was nasty the last couple days.

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