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    Our ds's plans have changed, which make us happy b/c now he can come home for 5 days before shipping out! But, we can't seem to find The Green Lake on any of the recommended shiptracker websites. We could find info on the MV Ascension when he was assigned to it. Does anyone have answers to these questions-> What does International mean when listed under owner? I understand when it gives a specific country or company, but not International. Does anyone know if a RO/RO (roll on roll off) is a tramp or liner?
    And how come I can't find the existance of The Green Lake other than at a website that explains its flage and weight?:eek:
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    MV GREEN LAKE has been MSC-chartered (Navy's Military Sealift Command) in the past for specific DOD sealift operations and exercises. ROROs are often chartered by MSC, DOD's sealift manager, to serve various other services' blue ocean cargo needs. Tanks and other rolling stock just don't seem to fit well in 40' containers. MSC has its own ships as well, USNS [name], some of which are DOD civil service crewed, and some of which are contract-operated by companies such as Maersk. I believe International is the holding corporation or owner for GREEN LAKE. Ships' names get changed sometimes, too.

    Sometimes ships are chartered "spot" for a specific job, period or sequence of events or projects. Hence, they are neither tramp nor liner doing scheduled runs for anyone who wants to book cargo space, but a ship rented out to serve a specific purpose for a specific customer. They are civilian owned and operated, just doing a job per the contract.

    I know GREEN LAKE worked for MSC in 2009, see clip below, not sure whether she is still under contract in 2010.

    Here's some more on GREEN LAKE and the GREEN ship family:

    And, GREEN LAKE is a PC/TC, Pure Car/Truck Carrier, see International's page below:

    I had 4 tours with MSC during my Navy career and am still professionally in touch. That's how I came to know and appreciate many fine KP grads. :shake:
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