More than one nomination?


Mar 25, 2017
Is it possible to have multiple nominations? I'm curious because I saw if you have one nom you are only on one slate, so I'm assuming if you have 2 noms you are on 2 slates etc. Not sure how that works though
You should apply for all nominations that you are eligible. Most high school students can apply to the local congressman and both senators so that is three. It depends on which state you live and how your MOCs do the process. For example in Texas, the two senators coordinate and will not both nominate the same person. There are also service connected nominations for ROTC students, children of veterans, active duty soldiers. There is also 5 nominations for the VP but those are extremely rare but you should apply as well

You are correct, basically you compete on each slate you have a nomination for. After all the slates are resolved, they start looking at the NWL but that competition is much more difficult.
Agree fully - apply to all nomination sources for which you are eligible. Just adding a side note that there are some states, such as Colorado, where the two senators and all congressmen coordinate to avoid any duplication in nominations.