Mountain Biking


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Dec 22, 2008
Does the Air Force Academy offer mountain biking as a sport? And if you can tell me some details about the team.
I'm pretty sure there's not a mountain biking team according to the academy website but during weekends you could go out on trails and stuff.
Our wonderful Colorado Rockies have some amazing mountain biking almost everywhere. Hard to beat the Colorado Rockies :thumb:
Actually, I think that I did see mountain biking on the list of intramural sports. I was thinking of doing that or ultimate frisbee if I get accepted.
Correct kt! Mountain biking is now an intramural sport! And there is a club too.
hornetguy, since you are currently a cadet and can answer this first hand, What kind of options do 4* and 3* have for recreation on the weekends? I know passes off base are limited, but what kind of things can cadets do for a little fun on base?
When the weather is good, there are tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. There are also indoor tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. A lot of clubs have stuff at the academy. I played with the airsoft club quite a bit, and they usually have games 2x per month. Now I am on the shooting team, so that takes up most of my open schedule time. There are a lot of things, you just need to find what interests you.
shooting team, is that like marksmanship team?
I am the leader of my AJROTC rifle/marksmanship team and firing detail
What does the AFA have for shooting, and what is the distance.