Moving to San Antonio area ?


May 19, 2019
My wife may be leaving for a job in south texas. She will probably rent apartment for time being. We still have our youngest in HS so not sure if I (we) will be going until at least this summer if not for 2 years. I don’t want to go until youngest is out of HS but time will tell. What would be the best area to live in San Antonio area with 30 minutes to airport I’d guess. Safe not much crime, great HS in case son decides he want to go there for his last two years etc. Any particular neighborhoods or areas be best to be in. I know where we live now the so called east end is more expensive less crime etc than west end. Any help is greatly appreciated. Hoping the job will send her back here before we would have to move. Would look at Austin area but prices are just ridiculous and inflated and city is too liberal as well.
Alamo Heights is a nice area but you pay high prices to live there and I don't think the schools are all that. I much prefer Shavano Park or Stone Oak.