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Dec 19, 2007
Hey everyone I just wanted to give some advise from a person who has been through the Dodmerb process before and is going through it again. Last year when I applied I was DQed and it was a huge hassle getting waived because I wasn't to familiar on how the process worked. However, the people at Dodmerb were easy to work with and always willing to help you out. I know the process is long and very frustrating because there are so many uncertainties. However, I have to say this time around it is much better because of the help of this forum. My advise to anyone who is concerned about there medical status is post threads here (because it may help others), but also to use Larry Mullens email (MullenLE) he has been very helpful to me recently and I would greatly encourage you to use him for advise. He answered my emails within the hour and really trys to help you out. So once again thanks to MullenLE! (His personal email adress)