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Feb 14, 2017
I have looked everywhere and can not find information on the number of applicants that apply to multiple service academies. It seems around here that most kids apply to all of the “big 3”. However, the amount of appointments offered seems very low if kids are getting into multiple academies. As I understand it, the Naval Academy offers around 1400 to fill approximately 1200 spots. Seems like there should be a lot more than 200 kids who would get offered to multiple academies as they compete with each other for the clear #1’s. That is not taking into account others also that decline for ROTC or decide on other colleges. Also for kids that do get multiple appointments how does that affect MOC slates? Say #1 kid in district gets into all 3 but can obviously only chose one. Say #1 on each slate is the same person and appointed to all 3. If that person takes WP over Naval, is the #2 then offered or does the #2 still have to compete from the national pool because they didn’t “win the slate”? If kids have until May 1st to accept or decline an offer it seems like a lot of #2’s and possibly #3’s on a slate are greatly affected by how long the #1 takes to accept the offer? Any further info on this aspect of this crazy process would be great. Thanks!


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Sep 11, 2015
x10, I don't believe that the charges are made until very late in the process. The academies know that some candidates have multiple appointments, and they plan for that. Ultimately, the academies shape the classes they want and then figure out where each nomination will be charged.


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Jul 15, 2007
WHEN a slate winner declines an appointment drives how (and if) a slate is "re-reviewed." The later a declination occurs (i.e. closer to the May 1 deadline), the harder it is for USNA to go back and re-review. In some cases, it might not even be necessary to re-review at that time (i.e. if #2, #3, etc. has already been deemed a qualified alternate or additional appointee; #4+ might not even be "qualified" enough for an appointment -- so at the time it is moot). Ultimately, as Dadx4 said, USNA will figure out which nominating source ends up actually being charged (in the example above #2 might eventually get charged to the MOC, while #3 becomes a qualified alternate/additional appointee). This is what has been put out to BGOs by Admissions.

This is the magic that happens behind-the-scenes in Admissions -- they deal with this scenario every year -- it is why SOME candidates might not have a firm disposition until after the April 15th notifications or placed on the waitlist.


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Jul 17, 2007
^^ I agree. Also the OP is making a number of assumptions, some MOC submit an unranked slate which would not be impacted by the status of others on that slate. Everyone won't be applying to multiple SA's and since each run their own admissions process, there are no such stats available. Each year there will also be some who got a TWE from one SA but also got an appointment from another, so you also can't assume the same outcome from each application.

Even if you knew all of those things, it still wouldn't change anything about how this all works. SA's are highly competitive schools to get accepted to and that is why you should always be working your Plan B options as well.

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Jan 5, 2012
If kids have until May 1st to accept or decline an offer it seems like a lot of #2’s and possibly #3’s on a slate are greatly affected by how long the #1 takes to accept the offer? Any further info on this aspect of this crazy process would be great. Thanks!

Yes...I watched this unfold on BGIS a few years ago.... I had two great candidates, #1 received an early Offer of Appointment from both USAFA and USNA , while #2 was 3Q and waiting in the wings to see if #1 would take USAFA. (Of course, neither knew about the other, and all #2 knew is that he was CPR). #1 waited until the last minute to accept USAFA , and I presume this was too late for a re-review for #2, as he was never offered an appointment that year. He was the last person on my slate to get the TWE,. (As an aside, #2 reapplied and got in the next year).

So yes,. it happens ..but far less often than OP might think. During training last summer, we had a discussion about what schools our candidates accept over a USNA offer, and interestingly enough it was not USMA or USAFA. My recollection is that the two most common schools were Notre Dame and Stanford,.

Finally, for those that might be the #2 in the story above, and thinking that #1 was selfish in not making his decision earlier to make room for another person, I reiterate the comment above that this is a competitive process. The #1 guy earned the right to make his choice and it would have been wrong to push him one way or another to make room for #2.