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    Just curious if candidates that have multiple nominations to USNA have a greater chance of getting an offer of appointment? We are in KY and our DS was only able to get 1 nomination from our MOC to USNA because our 2 senators and our congressman told him they will not nominate the same people. They said that they want to be able to give as many applicants a chance as possible. Is there an advantage to having multiple nominations? We do know that our MOC already has 3 candidates that have been offered appointments. My DS has been CPR since October and his AC says he's been reviewed and I think he said he is waiting for a slate? Any opinions?
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    I had three nominations to USNA, one to USAFA, and one to USMA. I was rejected by USNA but received appointments to both USAFA and USMA. Remember that you only need one nomination to receive an appointment. If you haven't received a TWE, you are still in the hunt!
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    Multiple nominations gives the candidate multiple chances to be picked from different slates. It doesn't make the candidate more competitive. So a mediocre candidate, with multiple nominations, might not mean much compared to a highly qualified/desired candidate who only has one nomination. The million dollar question is knowing whether one is highly qualified and desired...which isn't known without an LOA.

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