multiple summer sessions-random questions


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Aug 28, 2011
Is anyone doing multiple summer sessions and flying straight from one to another?

Does is seem like you need a sleeping bag at each of the SA's summer sessions? How are you fitting a sleeping bag in your suitcase?

Can those who did multiple sessions last year comment on the differences between the summer sessions?

what besides summer sessions are you trying to get in?
We didn't need sleeping bags for 2011 SLS. We slept in the barracks and ate ridiculously delicious foods (not kidding - best chicken pot pie EVER).

You should consider Boy's State as well... It's great for your USMA app.
Last year I was at USAFA's SS and there was one person in my element who had just come from USMA and another who did all three. They seemed to have managed fine with doing that. I would actually recommend it if you can (I couldnt because of finals) because now I would like to have an open mind about choosing between academies but I am much more emotionally attached to the one I spent a week at.

At USAFA I brought a fleece sleeping bag, the kind that is more like blanket, and it worked fine and actually fit in my suitcase.
As of this moment (I'm trying to switch to week 1 of SLS so I can go to Boy's State) I will be going to SLS (week 2), and then right when SLS is over, going to Colorado for USAFA SS Session C. I will be unable to attend NASS, so I've turned that down.


(Only difference my parents have noticed so-far is that SLS is longer than USAFA SS)