I know many of you appreciated MurfTheSurf over the past couple of years and were saddened by his passing this past winter.

To honor him - I will point out his Plebe son was in Navy's #2 (finishing) Heavyweight Crew Boat that finished #3 overall in Boston today.

For those crew wannabes - Murf's son had never actually been in a crew boat prior to his Plebe year.

(If I messed up the vernacular for Crew - please accept my apologies in advance)

Sydney C.

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Thanks so much for doing this Cerberi! I met Murf on this forum and we actually spoke by phone as we discovered we didn't live all that far from each other. Great guy and so happy to hear about his son.

You brought a smile today with this and an opportunity to remember him.


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I think of Murf almost every day and especially think of his son. Murf was so proud of him. We missed each other on I-Day and decided that we'd definitely see each other at Herndon. I'll raise a frosty one to him on Monday.

Just Dad

I hope this Mid knows that many of us still kinda miss his Dad. Congrats to him!

"If I pass-out, would someone please note my time"

Someone close to me once said
" When I was at that point of choosing whether my life would be given to me or earned, I found rowing------thank God!"