"Must Attend Events" for parents


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Jun 25, 2016
What are the "must attend events" for SA parents? And, to make it interesting, let's assume that we are not within driving distance of the academy (any academy) so maybe West Coast or even stationed overseas. I would think the obvious would be I-Day and Graduation. I'm thinking Parents Weekend during Plebe Year might be #3 on the list.

After that, I have no idea what might be "nice" and which events are really important to attend. I'd like to hear what those who have been around for awhile have to say. Thanks!
I believe from your prior posts you indicated your son is still in h.s. and just now starting to apply (mainly interested in USNA). Question would be a better fit in the USNA forum as there are various events specific to each SA and only becomes relevant after you have accepted an appointment. Topic has been frequently discussed in the past so you can find a lot of good information there. Answer partly depends on your financial situation and how far you have to travel.
I'm sorry if this seems premature to you. Obviously travel plans for a parent don't need to be made until an appointment has been accepted. And yes, the answer depends on the financial situation and how far one needs to travel. But, seriously, I'm just asking a question of the academies in general.
Each SA has its own events. For example at USNA you get to see your Plebe right after swearing in for a few minutes. Plebe Parents Weekend is at the end of Plebe Summer (other SAs hold theirs slightly later I believe). For USNA I recommend these major events, but that is just personal experience. There are tons of threads on this in each SA forum that speak about each event and how much time you would get to spend with your DD/DS, etc. I didn't put them in any order, but graduation is #1. If you have to choose between I day and Plebe Parents Weekend... then Parents Weekend.

Plebe Parents Weekend
I Day
2/c Parents Weekend

Some other nice to events

An Army Navy football game
Any other items specific to your kid that could be sports or academic related
Hi New@This, DS will be a 2/c this fall at USNA and the "must attend events" for us - traveling from So Cal has been: I Day, PPW and Herndon. We went back once in the fall of his 3/c year to celebrate his bday and plan on another visit this fall for 2/c parent weekend. We have yet to attend a football game, although we did attend a rugby game when we visited last fall and got to watch DS play. We plan on visiting next summer or fall of his 1/c year and graduation. Also something to consider, we also attended a couple of local events hosted by the local USNA parent club - the Welcome Aboard Lunch and the All Academies Military Ball.