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Oct 18, 2008
Below are my scores and I only have the test in December for a chance to bring them up. I'm wondering if I should focus on bringing up the English and Math because those two are most important or if I should focus on Science and Writing because those two are the lowest. I've taken the test three times already and my high scores come from when I focused on one or two sections. Thanks.

ACT English: 29
ACT Math: 31
ACT Reading: 28
ACT SR: 25
ACT Combined English/Writing: 25
English, you're right on
Math you're above the average
Reading you're slightly below the average
and the Science is your biggest deficit. I would say you should work on that the most, but if you're taking the whole test over again, why not try and raise your points on everything some more? It certainly won't hurt.

Good luck!
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shoot for 29 to upper 30's in each category. go out and get the ACT prep guide from a local bookstore; i picked one up for about $16.00 and it has realistic practice tests in it that are very similar to the real deal. remember, when you take the ACT, take it one test at a time...try not to think of the entire thing. make good use of the breaks they give you, and keep the blood flowing. :thumb:
One thing that helped me out on the ACT was taking a break. I am a fairly fast test taker, so if I finished early I would literally sit back, stretch out, and relax for however long I had. DO NOT worry about the next section.

For the SR section, it is almost completely about reading charts/graphs and understanding the scientific method. Review science fair project requirements (usually heavy on the scientific method) and practice reading charts/graphs (the newspaper is good for this many days, just find the business and weather sections).
I've realized that the SR portion has nothing to do with knowledge, but rather, picking out knowledge displayed and learning to interpret it.

When I took it the first time, I got a 33 on that section. The second time a 32. Don't rush yourself on that section. I like to look at the questions first, then the information.

There is very few "science" knowledge that you have to know. One section I took the first time had to do with something I just learned in Chemistry. Based on that, I could answer 2 w/o the use of the charts. Otherwise, all of them you just have to pick out the "good" stuff and use it.

I like this test prep book:

It's small (size of a regular book) and doesn't overload you with knowledge. It was amazingly helpful and helped raise my composite 2 points (pretty good considering I was already at a 29).