My chances of acceptance? My chances with a dual citizenship?

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    Hello. My name is Blue Bear and I'd like to start with introducing myself. I am a (South) Korean-American with citizenships in both countries.
    Here are my stats:

    Freshman year:
    First semester: 6 A's 1 B
    Second semester: 7 A's

    Sophomore year:
    First semester: 6 A's 1 B
    Second semester: 5 A's 2 B's

    Junior year:
    First semester (expected): 7 A's

    My first SAT was a 2000 flat but I plan to take it again as I was not in my beat condition that day and have passed 2100 in mock exams.

    I know I'm in the top 15℅ at my school and have confidence I am even higher than just that.

    At school I do:
    Speech and Debate: I was a State(CA) Tournament Competition who placed 1st in local and 4th at regionals.
    Track and Field: junior varsity long distance runner. I have an overflowing passion for running, yet my strength is not in being the fastest. This coming season, I hope to take on a short distance relay, where I feel I will do better.
    Cross country: same as above
    AJROTC: I have accumulated many CIC positions and awards from placing in tournaments. I am a 2nd Lieutenant and am also a Company Commander and S5, expecting to be XO next year.
    President and Founder of Hands for Technology: a club that focuses on building or repairing budget computers from scraps
    National Honor Society member
    Triathlete: competed in numerous triathlons, and awarded titles: in one, 4th place overall and 1st place I'm age division. In another, 3rd place in age division.
    I am a Devil Pups top graduate: after spending 10 days at Camp Pendleton's youth endurance program, I completed the physical exams in the top 5℅
    I received the Presidential Gold Service Award along with individual recognitions from a California Assembly member.

    But most of all, I am a dual citizen for South Korea(SK requires all males to serve in the military) and am not willing to give up my citizenship unless I have no other choice.

    First of all, how am I doing in terms of my chances of being accepted to USAFA or USNA?

    MORE IMPORTANTLY, is there ANY chance I can keep it and serve in the US Service Academy instead of South Korea's military? Has it been done before? Is there a chance? Can I POSSIBLY turn this into an essay topic or set myself apart from other candidates through this trait?
    For example... Something like...
    "I am a Korean-American. Not a Korean; not an American; but a Korean-American."
    Thank you.
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    No one can tell you what you're chances are. The applicants change every year across the country, and more specifically, in your region. There are no hard, set numbers for you to hit to ensure that you will be accepted.

    You will have to give up your S. Korean if you want to go to the Academy. You will need to do it in order for you to receive a security clearance. That being said, you could still use your experiences of your dual citizenship in your essay.
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    I would say that you are an excellent candidate. I don't know anything about the dual citizenship issue. Good luck to you:thumb:

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