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  1. Crossingmyfinger

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    Jul 23, 2011
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    Incoming Junior Current Status
    GPA: 4.0, Class Rank 1 out of 100 so top 1%

    Varsity Swim, 2 Varsity Letters (Fresh/Soph year), A Team Captain

    Freshman Class President
    Sophomore Class President
    ASB Secretary
    Lead Intern for Blue Angels/Seafair Internship

    Member of:
    Civil Air Patrol, Staff Sargent
    National Honor Society
    Science Olympiad
    Symphonic Band
    Swim Team

    My work experience includes working as a cashier for my parents store, and interning for Blue Angels/SeaFair (two years).
    I have done various community service, but I mostly do charity work such as organizing toy and clothes drives.

    Classes Junior Year are: Calculus AB, AP Composition, AP History, and physics.

    Senior Year: AP Spanish 3, AP Calculus BC, AP Literature, and chemistry.

    Going into my senior year I will be
    ASB President
    Science Olympiad Vice President
    Chess Club President
    Girls State Delegate
    Chief or Senior Master Sargent for CAP
    A second Internship

    *I know that you cannot tell me whether I can get in or not unless I apply. What I would like if you guys could give me tips to increase my chances or key things that really makes a candidate stands out. For example: "you should consider taking this class, or you should be more significantly involved with your community" And if you can please rate my profile from 1 being not good enough to get in to 10 Very Competitive Candidate
  2. USMA2016

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    Your file looks pretty well off to me. Numerically, I would rate it: lim x->1 (|x-1|/(x-1)). As you can tell I don't like 1-10 scales :biggrin:. Two things are going to make or break you: your standardized testing and the competitiveness of your congressional district.

    I want to add though, take some AP sciences. If you don't like science then it's going to be a tough four years at the academy.

    Side note: how do you already know you're going to Girls' State? I didn't know about my selection for Boys' State until second semester junior year...
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  3. Stealth

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    May 19, 2010
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    Give yourself a diagnostic CFA. Kudos for being a swimmer! I was also a swimmer but had a hard time with the run.

    Other than that, just keep breathing and stay motivated:thumb:
  4. navy2016

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    Score at least 700 on each subject on the SAT or 31 on the ACT. Better yet, get perfect.

    Prepare for the CFA now. Even though you are a girl, you can still do pull-ups. It is by far better to get 1 pull-up vs doing the arm hang. I met a girl that did as many pull-ups as I did at NASS (12 pull-ups).
  5. robinhood17

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    Nov 12, 2010
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    I was so excited that I got 3 at nass. :thumb: then I look to my left and this girl (Mid) is at nearly 18....sigh...

    Always work on the physical aspect. Sometimes as girls it's harder to prove ourselves in certain areas (like pushups/pullups) I try not to rack and stack my application profile after what my ALO told me:
    " make them give you MORE points. there shouldnt be anything on your application that makes them take points away from you. Don't stop pushing,even when you're that when the time comes all admissions can do is give you all the points you need to get in"

  6. Dixieland

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    I agree about the AP sciences. Does your school offer AP Chemistry or AP Physics?

    I, too, am puzzled about Girls' State. In my state, you are selected for GS in the spring of your junior year and attend that summer.

    Are you interested in serving as an officer in the United States Army?

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