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Mar 26, 2007
Hi Everyone,

I thought I would introduce myself since I just became a member of this great forum. I'm a sixteen-year old sophomore from Utah and am hoping to get into the United States Naval Academy. So far, I have a straight 4.0, have been actively involved with sports with 10 years of soccer, 1 year of Varisty Wrestling, 1 year of JV Track and Field, 1 year of Varsity Track and Field, and 1 year of Swim Team. By the time I graduate I should have 2 years of Lacrosse and 2 more years of Cross Country and Track. So far I've been involved in many things including the National Junior Honors Society, the Sea Cadet program, Boy Scouts of America, various Church callings, and some community service.

Hopefully I can contribute as much to this forum as others have. I've contacted my BGO officer once this year (didn't want to bother him too much ha ha; although, I didn't really have any questions since I've researched the admissions process a ton). The only thing I don't know much about is the congressional nominations and how they work. Hopefully I can gain more info from you amazing people that have contributed so much to this forum already.

Well, that's a little bit of info about me! I've wanted to get into Annapolis and be a Naval Aviator for a long time now. It's my dream. Hopefully I can accomplish that! If any of you have advice for me, feel free to give it! See you all around!


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Welcome Aeroman
Well, have you contacted your local Congressman and 2 Senator's offices and asked them for their information? Have you gone online to see if they post this information on their website? Start there and then come back and we'll all be happy to chime in with answers to your questions.

You might want to move quickly though.

I was talking to our San Diego County Regional BGO tonight and he said that tomorrow, March 27th is the County-Wide Service Academy Night - where representatives from all the Service Academies and ROTC programs gather to make contact with students and answer all their questions. Perhaps something similiar is happening in Utah - so check this out.

God be with you Aeroman!:smile:

Thank-you so much for your quick response! In answer to your questions, no I had not contacted them yet, but I took your advice and immediately went to their sites and read the info on their academy nominations. After that, I sent a personal e-mail to each, introducing myself and a small portion of my background, let them know that I appreciated the service they are doing for my state, and most importantly told them that I was looking into the admissions process for USNA and inquired if they had any additional advice they could give me on what they look for in their nominees but I understood that they may not be able to give out that information just because it's a big competition.

But now I've introduced myself to all and will see if they respond. So far, I've not heard about any service academy night, but I will ask my BGO if there is one for Utah. Thanks for letting me know about that.


I was talking to our San Diego County Regional BGO tonight and he said that tomorrow, March 27th is the County-Wide Service Academy Night - where representatives from all the Service Academies and ROTC programs gather to make contact with students and answer all their questions. Perhaps something similiar is happening in Utah - so check this out.

They insist on having these in either October or March. I don't know which is worse, March, telling Juniors that it is probably too late to get in NASS or October, telling Seniors that it is probably too late to apply. The reason for this post is a "sea" story. Last Saturday in September last year, we had an Academy Day. I had a kid come up after the presentation, "deer in the headlight" look, Senior, wanted to go to the Academy. He had done nothing. Feb 7 he was offered a Congressional appointment and has accepted. He will be in the Class of 2011.

With that said, the first hard date requirement is usually the MOC application which can be as early as September and as late as December. One needs to etch those dates into their brain and meet them.
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It sounds like you have a good handle on the requirements of scholastic achievement, athletics and leadership.
Things to work on the next year or two:

Scholastic Achievement: while you have a stellar GPA, make sure your junior year you have a strong schedule - especially in math and science. Hopefully, you are taking Honors courses. Go over your math and science coursework with your guidance counselor. Try to work your math so you can get Calculus your senior year, or pre-calc at the least. Make sure you take Honors Chem and Honors Physics. If your school offers a Chem II or AP Chem class, plan on scheduling that if possible.
Strength of your schedule and class rank are far more meaningful than GPA.

Athletics: Make sure you are playing a sport you love and strive to make team captain at some point.

Leadership: You mention you are in Boy Scouts: are you working toward your Eagle? The academies love Eagle scouts. I think it is better with the EC's not to spread yourself too thin. Better to concentrate on one activity and excel, showing leadership growth and potential that to join lots of clubs to pad your resume.

Keep on keeping on. you are on the right track. :thumb:
Just A Mom,

Thank-you for your comments. Yes, I am taking a few honors classes this year. I am in Pre-Calculus Honors currently and so I will be taking AP BC Calculus next year and AP Statistics my senior year. I have not taken honors in science though. So I should probably beef that up. Next year I'm taking Honors Chem and was planning on taking Honors Physics my senior year. (My high school requires that we take biology one year, not sure why, and so that's what I took this year). I wasn't planning on taking any AP science classes just because if I did then I would be taking two science classes my senior year and I thought that might perhaps be overkill in science. But we'll see. What do you think?

Actually...this is the schedule I'm "planning" on having next year if you or anyone else wants to take a look at it.


AP BC Calculus (year)

AP BC Calculus Lab (year) - required class when taking calculus, basically is just a class period where you do your calculus homework and get help if you need it

Honors Chemistry (year)

AP American History (year)

Honors English 11 (year)

Principles of Engineering (year) - pretty much like a 'shop' class, you get a good basic understanding of all the engineering fields and get to do some different things in each field.

German I (year) - (I was either going to take this or French I. Whichever one I don't take, I will take next year. I've previously taken two years of Spanish and am just trying to get a good base in a few languages. I would like to minor in either Russian or Chinese at Annapolis.)

Seminary (year) - this class has to do with my religious affiliation. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS aka Mormon). Anyways, this class for sure is unchangeable just because of my personal beliefs and plus I really enjoy it.

Thanks again to everyone who has responded so far. I really appreciate the help!


Here's what I'm planning for Senior year too... I figured I might as well post both years. If you have any advice or if it dosn't look competent enough just say so. I'm trying to make my schedules challenging but not so challenging that I barely have time. I do afterall have sports and other extracurricular activities. I really don't want to go overboard and screw my grades up on accident because of going overboard. Right now I pretty much enjoy all subjects but I'm leaning towards majoring in political science. I really enjoy World Issues and Government. But I also like engineering type stuff. So I'm not fully decided either way. In high school I'm just trying to be balanced in everything so I have all my options open.

AP Statistics (year)

AP American Government (semester)

AP Comparative Government (semester)

AP English (year)

Honors Physics (year)

French I (year)

Digital Electronics (year)

Body Conditioning (semester)

Track Conditioning (semester)

Seminary (year)

Thanks in advance for any advice.


I would not take French I and then German year of a language really does not do you any good. Pick one or the other and take two years of it, even better would be to continue with Spanish. I can't speak for USNA but for many colleges and universities more of the same is much better. Take Princeton...they want 4 years of one lang. Just food for thought.
Second what Profmom said about languages. I took 3 years of German, and 3 years later over plebe summer I still managed to validate two semesters.

I noticed you're involved in Boy Scouts. Have you attained the rank of Eagle yet? I highly recommend making it one of your ECA priorities, as it will only help your application. (That, and 30 years from now when your kids are in the program, you won't have to explain why you only made it to Life!)
I noticed you're involved in Boy Scouts. Have you attained the rank of Eagle yet? I highly recommend making it one of your ECA priorities, as it will only help your application. (That, and 30 years from now when your kids are in the program, you won't have to explain why you only made it to Life!)

Yep!:shake: :shake: Eagle is very important. Great example of leadership and perseverance. Making Eagle would have made things a lot easier for me at the Academy. I thrashed my way through swimming merit badge but 2 summers at BS camp trying to do the lifesaving requirements, I just couldn't make it. It was the only one I missed. If only I had tried a little harder and had learned to be more comfortable in the water, I would probably not have spent the entire four years at the Academy on the swimming sub squad. I think they named the 10m ladder for me.
Again, thank-you all for the comments.

Yes, I see what you're saying about the languages. That will be a tough decision. I don't want to continue with spanish just because I feel I've learned all I can from the program at my high school. It's a good program but I would like to learn some good basics in another language as well. I wanted to take Russian or Chinese but sadly we don't have that language at my school or in my school district. So my question is would you guys recommend 2 years of German or French? I don't really have any experience with either.

And to all the BSA comments. Yes, I'm a life and should be getting my Eagle this summer. I just finished my final service project and just need to get the last few required merit badges. I will probably get the palms too that come after Eagle. I have enough extra merit badges that I could probably do that if I wanted to.

Thanks again.



PS: One of my senators has replied and he gave the same advice on making sure I get my eagle and keep up my grades, etc... So I've made contact with one so far. Yea! Ha ha. :smile:
Look again at DMeix's post and pay attention to the part on validating...That is one of the reasons that we are both recommending sticking with the Spanish. Validating courses at USNA is a very good thing...will help easy the academic stresses during the 4 years by the Bay.

My Plebe had 3 years of Spanish in high school - opted not to take a Lang his senior year so that he could take another science class. He validated 4 semesters of Spanish. If he chose a Division 3 major...Humanities and Social Sciences, he has completed his lang. requirement through validating. He too is un-interested in continuing with Spanish and always talked about switching Languages when getting to any college. He now is able to do just that as he has no language requirement left to complete and through validating as many classes as he could he has the ability to put into his schedule some classes that he just wants to take.

If you really are looking for a change, none of us can recommend what you should do. Go with what you want to do, what do you have passion for, what floats your boat so to speak.

Good Luck!
Oh I see. I guess I didn't fully understand the help that would give, but I totally understand it now. I think I will stay with Spanish then. Thank-you for that solid advice Profmom2 and DMeix. There's a lot of wisdom in what you're saying, and I will probably go with that.

Earlier you mentioned that you are LDS. Are you planning on doing your mission when you turn 19?

If you are you really need to think about the timing of your mission with your academy application. I suggest you get some good counsel from your BGO and regional admissions officer as well as your parents.
Now that's interesting and good counsel which I've not observed on any of the SA sites. I assume the Academy makes no allowance for such?
Once you put that uniform on you rapidly learn that all personal concerns and requirements are "subject to the good of the Service".

In other words, I highly doubt USAFA or any other SA makes any special exceptions for LDS members doing their mission. I may be wrong, but I wouldn't get your hopes up on this one.
Well recently the question was posed to an admissions rep for West Point - he indicated that the cadet can leave after the first year for the two year mission.
The cadet would have to, however withdraw from USMA. He would then be required to reapply as a former student AND get another nomination.
While, he indicated that some cadets do pursue this route it is not without risk.
On option he recommends is that candidates plan on going to college for a year - until they are 19. Go do their two year mission and at that time apply to the academy. Note: Young men are required to be 19 years when they go on their mission.
The reasons he gave were for: uninterrupted education at the academy (good for academy and cadet) and increased maturity of a cadet returning from a mission.

I did look on the USNA admission's website and found this link under FAQ's:

USNA recommends leaving after the second year - the latest you can leave and does not that one must re-apply.
Maybe some midshipmen have some expierience with this, directly or indirectly and can share.
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The CGA allows LDS cadets to take their mission after 3c year. I know of some personally. They DO NOT have to reapply.
I would think CGA would have more freesom in this area since they are not bound by a nomination requirement.