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Dec 7, 2008
I just got a conditional LOA from NAPS. Does this mean I'm not getting into the naval academy or does usually everyone receive a LOA from NAPS and USNA? Also do I still need a congressional nomination for NAPS? And finally, when I graduate from NAPS, do I still need a nomination to get into the naval academy after the 10 month course?
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Hey there!

Do you just need medical qualification? I, too, got one of these and as soon as I got medically qualified recieved the official acceptance packet.

I believe it means most likely we will not be heading to USNA for class of 2013. And no not everyone recieves an offer to NAPS; some people recieve LOA's or appointments to USNA, some recieve appointments to NAPS, some recieve a Foundation Scholarship, and some are flat-out rejected (the much dreaded 'thin-envelope').

No, you definitely do not need a nomination to attend NAPS. All you have to do is complete the conditional requirements and you're good to go.

Yes, we will need another nomination to attend USNA in 2010. I believe all NAPSters apply to their MOC's; some do get nominations from them. NAPSters also qualify for the Secretary of the Navy nomination for active duty military.

Great job; be proud! I hope your planning on accepting the offer!
Is there a chance I can still get accepted to USNA though? I still have information to send that might just might clinch me over and get accepted. For example I'm class president, but they don't know that yet because I haven't told them I won my school election yet. Or I think I'm getting a varsity letter for track and field
Anything's possible. I would contact your admissions officer and let them know about any updates to your application.

When I was offered NAPS my admissions officer called and told me if I get good grades first semester (specifically: B's in AP Calc and Physics) they'd bring me in this year.

I, however, am probably just going to go to NAPS anyway. I'd only be 17 for I-day this year and I think a year to prepare would do me well. I want to really kick butt at USNA.

Don't forget that the Admissions Board knows what they are doing, and if they think a year at NAPS would benefit you to succeed- and possibly help you excel- at USNA, then I might listen to them. It's free, you'll be locked and cocked when it comes to I-day and Plebe summer the next summer- and what's a year, when you're going to spend a career in the Navy or Marine Corps anyway?

Do you have a goal for service selection when you graduate?
hyb128, when you got your loa for naps, did your admissions status on the dodmerb website change as well?
o..I was wondering if that changes when your application goes in front of the review board.. guess not.. congrats though
All of you future napsters you should all PM so I can give u my number cuz I am currently at NAPS, I am a prior enlisted MM3 that can answer just about almost all ur questions!