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Apr 1, 2017
I'm not a recruited athlete, but I am very passionate about Football and lacrosse and was wondering what the walk-on process was like at NAPS? Is it highly competitive? I know some people have mentioned they need kids who aren't recruited athletes to fill out teams and I would love the opportunity to participate!
My son is NAPS 17. He was a walk on for Lacrosse. He loved being part of the team. There was so much camaraderie on the team.
He was in all team activities, including Army Navy LAX weekend at USNA.

Now, he did not get much playing time, which was understandable. Also, he was disappointed in not playing, but that was also understandable.
You will have to determine, if you are comfortable with doing everything; travel, working out, etc., except not actually getting a lot of playing time.
We had discussions that he would have to sort that out...He could not complain about not playing if he was not a recruited player. Even some recruited players did not get much playing time.
In the end, his walk on experience for LAX was wonderful. He is in this last photo from the Army Navy weekend. You will not be able to tell as to who were the recruited players, vs. the walk ons!


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