NAPS waitlist


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Oct 20, 2006
I have been on the NAPS waitlist since april and just wanted to know who else knows anything about whats going on with NAPS waitlisters? I called the admissions office yesterday but all they said was that i was still on the list and it might not be until the last minute that i find out. Anyone else on the list?
Wow, I had forgotten about you NAPS wait listers. NAPS is a great deal. You gotta go with the flow. Be flexible. Have a backup plan. But definitely jump if they offer. They do have to make more offers to NAPS and to the Foundation to get commitments so perhaps you will have a greater chance than the direct entry wait listers seemed to have. Good luck. Keep us posted.
so i guess the letter came this week (im on vacation) and it wasnt good, they said that an unusual amount of people accepted so there just wasnt enough room for me, im still debating if i will reapply for next year but I'll keep you all updated
Sorry for your disappointing news. It hurts, for sure.

Let the wound heal, consider your options and what you genuinely feel called to, be sure a year is only a blip on the calendar of your life, plan your next step, then take it well. What we know for sure is that you are definitely one top-shelf young person who will only be better in a year's time. Plan your campaign for whatever you determine should be your course and go after it with a sense of determination.

Know alot of people are very impressed, proud of, and confident in your future. Don't let them or yourself down.

And when time and perspective allow, be thankful for this brief setback ... you are guaranteed to be stronger, better for it all. Blessings to you and let us know of your success.
im still debating if i will reapply for next year but I'll keep you all updated

I hope you do decide to reapply. Work with both your BGO and the CGO and ensure that you are 100% sure of why you did not get accepted this year and repair those deficiencies. The vast majority of NAPSters have very strong leadership and EC packages and are weak in one or more of the combinations of SATs, class standing, or course load.

Good luck.