NAPS waitlisters?


Any NAPS waitlisters out there still waiting patiently like we are? Or has anyone decided to move on and Plan B has now become Plan A regardless?
NAPS waitlister here as well. Plan B is currently Plan A where as the former Plan A is now plan B. If that makes sense. Nevertheless still waiting for an answer!


BGO and MidDad
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Good luck with the Wait-list (rooting for you)! In the meantime, get started on Nominations applications for the new admissions cycle which is in full swing. Many, many Mids are second and third-time applicants (my 2/C DS was a wait-lister also who received his appointment on the 2nd try). Don't give up the ship! (Besides, if you do make it to NAPS you will need a nomination anyway).


My DD is still on the NAPS wait list. With every day that passes, the possibility of appointment dwindles away.

Regardless, she executed Plan B (college) and received her welcome packet for NROTC yesterday. She's very excited and planning for the fall. If the unthinkable happens between now and July we'll deal with it then. Otherwise, she's moved on.


DS received TWE today, but he is perfectly fine with moving on to plan B. Best wishes to anyone else remaining on the waitlist!